Amanda and Lola


Welcome to the Stories section story of the week is  Earthling or Dirty Village!

By me Amanda!  

In a town called Earthling everything was clean everyone was clean until a week after everyone vaction in Dirty Village they all smelled and were littering on their planet Earthling but they stoped the day after. Earthling was a new planet after the real earth dissapered beacause of Global Warming. So right after Global Warming killed real earth Eathling was a whole new planet inside of earth waiting for millions and billions even trillons of years to be a new planet. Earthling was so much better than Dirty Village beacause as you know the people in Earthling were clean,nice and best of all they never had Global Warming on Earthling but they sure did at Dirty Village.The people from Earthling would take a vaction every week to help Dirty Village with there horrible Global Warning their Global Warming was worse than Earth`s Global Warming. There was a town is Dirty Village called Messy Lane that is where everyone littered like crazy. There was a little girl who lived on Earthling who hated having Earthling so clean she liked Dirty Village and she loved Messy Lane so she always said to her parents "when I grow up I am living on Messy Lane in Dirty Village!" Her name was Dana she was the Dirtyest person in Earthling that is why everyone in Earthling thought she was from Dirty Village. Dana is eighteen Dana`s parents said she could move out when she was twenty so in two years she would be apart of Dirty Village.

" Dana Happy Birthday" Cheered her parents.

" I know I am twenty sweet see you guys in Messy Lane" Answered Dana.

"We need to go to Messy Lane now to have your birthday party right this will be so fun I really want you to buy a messy house right next to mine so we will always be in contact is that ok with you?" Dana`s friend Messy Maggie cried.


" Oh of course you know me willing to do anything, but tell me if I am I wrong or right where you live is dangerous I thought, so I might not want to live there I at least want to live pretty close to Earthling not stright in the middle of Dirty Village where you live I am not a true Dirty Villager." Answered Dana

 " Guess what mabye you should stay in Earthling your really not the type for Dirty Village your too much of a clean goody good, why am I even your friend?." Yelled Maggie.

" No I am not you will see I AM the type for stright in the middle of Dirty Village I will show you Haha!" Cried Dana.

"Mom, Dad I am leaving to go to Dirty Village if you never see me again I love you very much!"

So as Dana goes off in her earth car she enter Messy Village. She puts on her nose clip and doesn`t smell a thing but Dana did smell the Skunk on the side of the road. 

" Beep,beep!" Went the earth friendy car as she pulled into Messy Maggie`s diveway.


" Maggie I am here, ew what is that smell it smells like dead spiders and cricket soup." Screamed Dana.

" Well look who is here, why are you here?" Guestioned Maggie.

" I am here to be as Messy as you are Maggie, so what soup is you mom making?" Answered Dana.

" She is making Spinders and Crickets and Millipeeds soup.'' " Do you like that?" Guestioned Maggie.

As Dana started eating the soup she was sickend how her friend would ever lay her eye on this nasty soup.She sure would not lay a eye on it but she had to all they had what bugs for eating in the messy house.Dana gagded and said "May I go up to Maggie `s room." Dana went up to Maggie`s room.

" Maggie may you come up to I need to talk to you now!" Yelled Dana.

" Ok I am here what?"

" I am sick already from staying in your messy house I am leaving I have been in Dirty Village for two days I hate it here Earthling is clean people are nice there we eat real GOOD food I am sorry but I hate where you live and love where I live so I am leaving, bye!" I am still your friend don`t worry!

 Well that is the story of when you have a offer to a dirty place and you live in a nice place don`t take it hope you enjoyed the story!



By Amanda and Lola!