Amanda and Lola

Lola in action Videos!

Watch some Lola in action videos there will only be eight so I hope you enjoy! My dog Lola as Katy Perry so cool now here is Lola my dog if you do not know as Pink. And Lola is singing these songs all by herself this is not really Katy Perry or Pink singing it is LOLA! A_FreDrOFd0

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Now here is my dog Lola sing the Demi Lovoto song La la land.   jmTrxd64OpA 


Here is Lola singing Miley Cyrus the Climb. 


Here is Lola singing I kissed a girl and I liked it P.S the girl she kissed it ME!   By Katy Perry remixed by lola all the songs!YmQLf6GC0To 


Here is Lola singing Don`t Forget by Demi Lovoto! unR_bei_iKk 

Here is lola singing the final Video Dogs just wanna have fun! By Lola! I will give you the lyrics then my dog will sing it on the video!Now here are the lyrics. The phone rings in the middle of the night  Lola a Amanda yells what are you gonna do with you life. Oh sister dear you the fortune a it one but dogs wanna have fun Oh dogs just wanna have fun thats all they really what oh oh some fun give some, some FUN! Yeah!

Ok Here is Lola singing Pink`s new song Please Don`t Leave me! Try to sing along!


By Lola!