Amanda and Lola

Learn about Lola

Lola is not just a normal dog she is a awesome dog she never bites people or even lays her mouth on people unless to give them a kiss. Yes she is one of the most nicest dogs I have ever met. Lola doesn`t listen very well but sure loves all of my family so I know when she runs away in the wilderness she will always come back beacuse I know she loves me. Lola`s favorite song is So What by Pink I know it is her favorite song because she jumps up on her little hind legs when I put the Cd in with that song. Her favorite movie is Homeward Bound this is also my favorite movie too. Lola is a black Pit Bull and Daschund very cute well if you want to know more just watch the webshow in a couple weeks or days then you will know Lola oh so well, bye Lola says bye too! Now here is some cute pictures of Lola enjoy!

                               By Lola!