Amanda and Lola

Learn about Amanda!

Hey so you wanted to learn about me well you can lets hear. I have three beauiful animals my dog Lola of course you will be seeing her on the webshow and my dog Maggie and my guinea pig beller Chelsea. I was in fourth grade when I made this website now i am in Fifth grade. I have a all time favorite singer Katy Perry and my favorite song by her or anyone is hot n cold or so what by pink. I am a brave daring little girl almost willing to do anything but you know one person can`t do everything in the world. I am a only child and always will be. I am pretty and smart in school I get mostly A`s and B`s so that is awesome for me. My favorite subject in school is math even though sometimes it gets hard for me sometimes. I really am a funny,weird girl but everyone likes that about me so that is why until I am old enough I will stop being weird but no I will never stop being funny or a trickster haha. I also like Hilary Duff as a singer/songwriter I like her song "fly" that is my favorite song by her. My all time favorite movie is Homeward Bound also that it Lola`s fav movie too, Homeward Bound is about three animal that get lost in the wilderness it is such a cute movie! Now I hope you enjoyed learning about me bye! Hey here is a picture of Lola.


6 Years Later...

So now I am no longer a ten year old I am sixteen years old and decided to take a journey into the past and I remembered that I had a website dedicated to my dog. Anyways Lola is still alive, which is a great thing. But I thought I had to update my about me because it is extremely off now days. For starters I do not like the music I liked back as that ten year old who was infatuated with pop and mainstream music. As the sixteen year old me I like 90's music, alternative, pop punk etc. Yeah my taste has changed a lot and for the better. I am most definitely still brave and daring that will never change. When I was ten writing this I had a lot of confidence in myself I guess and I still do so yes I am still pretty. Funniest part of my about me when I was ten is that I was good in school? Well other than my music taste changing that is quite a change as well. School is boring and I am a proud straight C student. Oh and I do not ever remember myself liking math so that must of been a lie. I am still very weird just older but I did say that would never change. Hilary Duff is good I like throwback jams now so I do sometimes jam to her music even now. Homeward Bound will always be a nice movie but it is not my favorite anymore, in fact I can't remember the last time I even watched it. Horror movies are really the only movies I enjoy. So there is the little updated about me. 



11 Years Later...

Wow does time really fly! I am now 21 years old and I am so glad this website is still apart of my life. Unfortunately my sweet Lola passed away in 2018. I will truly never forget her and I will keep this website up and running for as long as I can so I can look back on all of the great memories I had with her. There will never be another Lola and I want her memory to live on forever. As for an update on myself I am doing well. Comparing myself to my 10 year old self and I honestly don't think I am too different, as for my 16 year old self I am very different. That year of school for me was not the greatest to say the least but I managed to do better from then. I am still in school at my local county college and I have pretty good grades made the Dean's list every semester... don't mean to brag. I still enjoy my 90's jams and all that but I can also dabble in some mainstream pop now without feeling like a follower. I am in a relationship now with a guy named Michael who Lola very much liked. When I was 10 I had a guinea pig Beller and her and Lola got along so great, this year I decided to adopt two guinea pigs because I remembered just how much I loved Beller. My guinea pigs now are named Shade and Buttercup. Shade has a nickname it's Miss Wig just like Chelsea had Beller. They are the cutest little things and sometimes I think Lola sent me Miss Wig. They are alike it many ways, even Miss Wig has a skin tag like Lola did. Homeward Bound is still an awesome movie I have disney + now so I can actually watch it. Lately horror movies just have not been the same not as good as they once were. I like watching movies here and there but I prefer going onto youtube instead and watching skincare videos, I am obsessed with skincare... we are never getting wrinkles here! Oh there is also a worldwide pandemic going on we were locked in our house for like 4 months and the lockdown started on my 21st birthday lol, so I literally just last week celebrated my 21st after 4 months. That is about all from me for now but I do plan on keeping this updated it's like a little time capsule let's see where I am in another few years!














 I Hope you liked the pictures of me and Lola!



 By Amanda!