Amanda and Lola

Home Page

Hey this is my home page and my dog Lola`s! We are making a webshow with just me and my dog in it and just a little music in the backround. Lola is a true loving dog who loves me, are webshow will just be us, being us! As you see on the bars ontop you see learn about Amanda and learn about my small but brave little dog Lola. Or is you want sign are guest book and tell me and my dog your suggestions or how much you like the website. Lola and I would love to hear you guys having fun so try some of our wonderful games so you don`t get board when looking and learn about me or Lola. Hey we also have some cute pictures by google to look at so don`t miss those pictures because they are very cute and I am sure you would love to look at beautiful pictures. Hey if you didn`t watch the weather today look at the weather and earth bar ontop so you don`t miss the updates on weather or earth. Well I hope you are having fun on my sight and also Lola`s have fun looking at our website, bye!

By Amanda and Lola!